What are the Usual Fees & Costs of Probate?

Probate is the necessary legal process that begins after a person’s death in order to review their estate plan and will for discrepancies and instructions. By the time probate is concluded, remaining debts should have been paid, taxes filed, and remaining inheritances distributed to beneficiaries. However, before you can reach the end of probate, you should know that it does not come without costs and fees.

Usual Cost of Probate in Florida

Like any other legal procedure that requires the courtroom, probate is not free. You will need to pay specific costs as set by Florida law to complete probate. To simplify matters, all costs pertaining to a probate case can be taken directly from the estate’s total value. However, this is not definite. You can arrange other payment methods if this is desired.

Costs and fees associated with probate in Florida include:

  • Cost of scheduling a courtroom date
  • Postage for filings
  • Price of publishing notices to creditors in local newspapers
  • Miscellaneous costs, such as property appraisal fees

Florida also has a legal statute that deems 3% of the estate’s total value as a reasonable attorney fees. In other words, a probate or estate planning attorney typically will not charge more than 3% of the estate’s value for their legal assistance. This rate can be raised if it is deemed reasonable due to the complexity of the probate case, or how much time it will take to complete probate due to the extensiveness of the estate in question.

Saving You Money While Delivering High-Quality Representation

At Haynes & De Paz, P.A., we believe that your best interests should come first when our Longwood probate attorneys help you with your probate case. Not only do we want to assist in navigating probate and honoring the wishes of the decedent as closely as possible, but we also want to do so for a fair, competitive price. You will be pleased to know that our law firm charges flat fees that are almost-always less than a typical hourly rate of competing law firms, or the state’s 3% contingency fee statute. We also proudly offer payment plans to make things easier for you.

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